Saturday, January 30, 2010

2009 Wrap Up

Dear Rachael,

I have been so naughty and unfortunately (for our blog and my waist) have been doing more eating than writing. Where did 2009 go??? One minute it's November 09 and I have all these intentions and then its Jan 2010. All good intentions blown out the window and reality setting in. I have hardly written anything and I have so much to say, (and I bet you're saying 'when don't you have something to say') so I guess I thought I would wrap the year up with a bundle of snippets....

As it is January a lot of our local cafes in SKY are taking a break (well deserved, I say)
but I have noticed that a lot are just taking the main public holidays, which is good news for the locals. I will make it my mission in 2010 to be more diligent and write more and eat less. That almost defeats the purpose of this blog however, if I accepted less dinner invitations and
accepted more breakfast invitations then I could write at dinner time, does that make sense, or does it sound like I'm still recovering from New Years Eve and I'm mumbling?

Cheers Monica

So here we go .....

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