Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cafe Feedback 2010

I like the style of this cafe, always have. The casualness, the smallness and the fantastic food. That's why I chose this as our first place for 2010.

When I asked the girl behind the counter what would they suggest for a healthy breakfast she laughed at me. LAUGHED! Can you believe it? I didn't think it was that funny, in this day and age when weight and health are huge issues. Anyway she laughed, scoffed and then said TOAST.
'Oh!' I thought in my head.

I thought the muesli would be - but then the guy behind the counter suggested poached eggs, avocado, spinach and tomato.

In my head , I thought 'YES that would probably be quite healthy', and when he asked whether I would like butter on my toast, I thought 'YES please', but my mouth said no. I thought it was a great question because he heard me say I wanted something healthy.

The meal was fabulous. Who needs butter when you have runny egg yolk and those gorgeous little cherry tomatoes? They are so delicious. I hope they were roasted minus any oil because I had the avocado for my healthy fat part of the meal.

I really enjoyed my first healthy breakfast and I was satisfied, but I must admit that I found it really difficult watching you eat that delicious looking muffin Rachael. I could easily have had a second course, but I didn't! It will be interesting to see how long this healthy breakfast thing will last because if every cafe suggests the poached eggs I may not be able to stick to it. Especially when, like feedback, there are so many other options.

Coffee is still Genovese and is $3.20. Tea is T2 and is $3.00 a pot. A regular sized pot. You order at the counter here and they bring the order out to you when ready. Not a long wait here. On the particular morning that we were there it was not particularly busy but it took a long time to clear the table, I'm talking 40 minutes after we had finished. It disturbed me.

How about you Rach? What do you feel about the lack of clearing?

Must admit I do get a little peeved when the table isn't cleared, annoying when I can't find anywhere to lay my head! I often need a little nap after a massive yummy muffin and don't relish getting your egg yolk in my hair. R.

So there you have it the first breakfast out for 2010! And what did I like the most about Feedback Cafe? - The Gingerbread People, yes that's right not a gingerbread man , but person!

Welcome Back

Oh Rachael why did you have to post that picture of me?
Do I really look like that?
See what happens when you let yourself go, I can hardly look at myself!

Well I'm not going to wallow in it, when I eat out at our breakfasts I'm going to ask the staff at the cafe's what they think is really healthy on their menu. What would they recommend for someone who is suffering from post xmas heftiness? I'm not expecting this to be an easy task because last year at our little breakfasts sometimes we went on to a second course (very naughty of us) and sometimes by the time we sat down for breakfast I was starving and wanted to order everything on the menu.

So when we got together for our first breakfast in 2010 'Healthy' was my intention!


Sorry Monica, I just couldn't resist.

I was a witness to some of your Christmas eating and it was awe-inspiring! If I think you have truly made an effort to 'curb your enthusiasm' I will post a lovely slim version for you.

I'm looking forward to another year of eating our way around the west - I have a couple of places I discovered over the summer so I'll be interested to see what you think of them.

Luckily 2009 seems to have gone quite well. I have not heard of any cafe's closing due to your scathing reviews, and no cafe owners have been seen crying over their metal teapots - perhaps you can aim for that this year!!

See you at brekky