Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Corner Shop

9 Ballarat Street
9689 0052

As we waited in anticipation for the new cafe in the Yarraville Village to open, it was hard to imagine what could be done with the tiny space they had. Was there room for another cafe in Yarraville? Of course there was and now it's hard to imagine the Village with out this particular cafe. We knew that the owners had been successful before and the talk was that they would be again.

Since opening I have been to The Corner Shop a few times, for lunch or a cuppa. I love the decor, the table, the courtyard with pram access and the feel of the place. It is buzzy! It always has customers and the staff are very relaxed and welcoming.

My most recent visit to The Corner Shop was to try the breakfast. I was really looking forward to it as all other food consumed there had been fabulous, especially the semolina rhubarb cake.

This particular day The Corner Shop was in fine 'buzzy' motion. In fact it was a beautiful day and not easy to get a seat in the courtyard but we managed to squeeze in.

Our order was taken by the lovely Matt (more about him later) and delivered in good time. The thing is with this cafe, even if you have to wait, you just don't mind. Plenty seems to be happening around you and if you are a 'people watcher' you are in a prime location to do so.

Breakfast was not disappointing! Runny eggs (perfect), grilled tomato, tomato relish, mushrooms and spinach, all delicious. My pot of tea was a bit weak but even that did not seem to worry me. I was having a delightful time, chatting away with two lovely ladies. I thought - what a fantastic way to start my life as a reviewer. Very positive!!

The Corner Shop The Corner Shop

But all good things must come to an end. It was time to wrap up the relaxing part of the morning and move on to some chores. Time to pay up. So, as is the procedure in The Corner Shop, I went to the counter to pay. Yes, bonus, they do take credit cards (a big plus in my books).
However, when the waitress asked for $25.00 I thought there must have been a mistake. I asked her to check with the owner and she came back and said that there had been no mistake! The tea had been $4.00 (English Breakfast) and the sides were around $3.50 each. It was the most expensive breakfast I have had so far.

As I left The Corner Shop (another problem is that I can't seem to remember the name - I've been calling it The Corner Store until recently!) my mouth must have emptied the shop of all flies. Too expensive. I don't feel the meal was worth that amount of money. Sooooo disappointed. My principles dictate not to visit again but my stomach cries out for the Semolina Rhubarb Cake. That must be the solution.... cake and coffee but not breakfast!

Reviewed by Monica. The Corner Shop Yarraville

Atmosphere - 8.5/10 The Corner Shop
Service - 8/10
Food - 8.5/10
Coffee/tea - 7.5/10
Price - 5.5/10

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Stay tuned for our breakfast reviews. We hope you enjoy them.
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