Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feedback from Feedback!

Mmmm Mmmmm! I love Feedback! So unassuming! So delicious! Cold mornings call for wholesome nurturing food and who better to deliver. A bowl of toasted muesli was what I felt like, and I got the deluxe of all muesli’s. At $8 a bowl there is no better value for money. Beautifully toasted muesli, tossed with dried fruits and nuts, with a dob of yoghurt and the piece de resistance, a half baked pear on top. No other words to describe this breakfast dish, except divine.

Rachel had a muffin which she thought was divine, heaps of fruity goodness and big and fat. I know in my last post on feedback I said I would try the muffin, but really I could not fit it in. Funnily my teacup set from the early nineties showed up as the tea cups our tea was poured into. (I’m not sure about that though as I did give them away because I didn’t like them anymore, so it’s all a bit weird. Or is it Karma?)

Overall the breakfast experience at Feedback is still one of the best in SKY especially in the food department. It is very laid back, unpretentious and seriously casual, maybe, a bit like me. Or Not?


You definitely missed out not having the muffin - fantastic! In the interests of our readers I think you should have gone the extra mile and fitted one in. You owe it to your readership Mon. Soft, that's what you are!


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