Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seddon Deadly Sins -

Walking in to SDS this time was a bit of 'WOW, it’s changed.'

Yes folks they have redecorated and I like it!

Lots of wood and lots of workspace for the boys. A fantastic new cake fridge with a great display of cakes. Fantastic improvements. As usual Simon and the boys were hard at work. They really give you good service, very attentive, I also like that.

One of my pet hates is having finished my breakfast, and my first cup of tea, and then not being offered another cup of tea. Often R and I sit and sit and wait and wait. And eventually one of us will go and order it. We shouldn’t have to go, they should be coming to us! And at SDS they come to you. Excellent!
That’s all the good news and now the not so good.
As I said in my first review I think the food is fine, but sadly this time round I was far from impressed. I had the muesli, at $7.50, this is quite a bargain compared to other muesli dishes in SKY. Unfortunately it was not really worth $7.50. It just wasn’t up to scratch. The actual muesli itself was okay but it was topped with fresh fruit.
Another pet hate is fruit cut up too early. If I order fresh fruit I want it cut to order. Do you know what happens if you cut fruit too early before serving it, it goes brown. Yes, you can stop it from going brown by adding lemon juice but you can still tell it was cut earlier (or at least I can, I am pretty fussy though). At Seddon Deadly Sins on that day I was served uneven chunks of browned fruit on top of the muesli, it just put me off .
Sorry Boys, you need to do better than that! Most other cafes in Sky are serving poached, baked or compote of fruit. Perhaps you should consider this if you don’t have time to cut up fruit to order.
Jeepers Monica!!! Talk about a fruit Nazi! Glad you've never been to my place for brekky - I think I'd just hand you the fruit, a good sharp knife and make you do it yourself! I'm thinking maybe you need to order something less healthy in the first place - I had a chocolate and fruit muffin, delicious, probably highly fattening, and bloody good.
By the way everyone - I have been silent too long! I have decided it's time to add my 2 cents worth for those of us who aren't foodies, don't really care if our fruit is fresh or poached and like desserts for breakfast! So watch out Monica - I'm here to pig out on pancakes, and shout you down when I think you're being harsh. (Mind you I tend to agree with you 90 per cent of the time but that's no fun!)
Cafe looks fabulous boys - well done.

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Anonymous said...

Owners names are Simon and Chris, and the regular staffers are Mark and Tash. :)