Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taj Palace - An Institution

We are lucky in S.K.Y. to live right next door to Footscray.

Now I know other Melburnians may make jokes about Footscray, but what they don’t know is that Footscray has some of the best restaurants in Melbourne.

If you look in cheap eats this year there are almost a dozen entries. Not all suburbs can boast this! What is amazing is that it is a combination of Melbourne’s latest migrant groups that fill this suburb with such delectable choices. Indian, Vietnamese and Ethiopian.

Tonight we focus on an Indian restaurant – The Taj Palace! It is an institution! It has been in Footscray for 22 years and we have been visiting it for the past 10.

(228 Nicholson St Footscray VIC 3011(03) 9687 1020)

I’m not sure how we knew to go but it’s one of those local legends that just gets passed around. I love the chef with the curly moustache, who waves when you walk in. I use to wonder how he knew us but then I realised he waves at everyone. A great gesture. A good way to make your customers feel special. Apart from noticing the chef you can’t help notice the pink tablecloths. They remind me of a wedding I went to years ago. MMMMMmmmmmmmm. Really though, what we go there for is the feed. Yummo! Bhaji, Butter chicken, tandoori mushrooms, naan bread, plain, garlic or paneer, rogan josh, vindaloo, I’ll stop now because I can tell that you are drooling. If you haven’t been there before, get yourself down there, it is great Indian food.

Well, well Mon, I am very impressed - you loved everything about the Taj Palace, not that it doesn't deserve it. Do you really mean to say that you couldn't find ONE thing to suggest? Maybe you are just more mellow after a few wines! For a fabulous, reasonably priced dinner in modest surroundings the Taj is definitely the place to go, they also do kick arse take-away.

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