Friday, September 18, 2009

Gourmet On Gamon

It’s been 5 months since our last visit to what I will name the “homeliest” of cafes in SKY. The lovely waitress whose name I learnt was Felicity is a local mum and has a very natural way about her. They were much busier this time. Funnily enough it was a weekday, as opposed to the last time being a weekend. We still found a seat but we did have to wait a while for our tea although it was a lovely cup of tea when it did arrive.

This time Rachael had the Eggs and I wanted to have a departure from eggs so I tried the French Toast. Unfortunately the eggs were overcooked, ordered runny and arrived hard. Luckily she said everything else on the plate was delicious. It was a full breakfast and once again at a reasonable price. The French Toast with maple syrup was lovely but lacked imagination or garnish. Some dishes don’t need anything to have eye appeal, but others do and just one strawberry can make the world of difference to how something looks.
I think that is why I call this the homeliest of cafes, its no frills, it’s like going to your friends house for brekkie, they don’t garnish either!


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