Friday, September 4, 2009

Aqua e Vino

18a Anderson Street
9687 9006
Tuesday through Saturday5pm till Late
Sunday2:30pm till Late
Closed Monday

I know this is at the other end of the spectrum for dining experiences but sometimes I like to share the joy of other adventures I have had in SKY and surroundings. Aqua e Vino has been with us for some time now and it never ceases to amaze me. I feel like I am walking into a time warp. A time warp that I would increasingly like to spend more time in. There was an era of time when I could regularly visit a bar like Aqua e Vino, but alas I am now living in a world where that is not possible and I have to make do with just a couple of times a year. (What a bummer!)
So what a treat when I can go! I don’t go for the food (I haven’t had a meal there), I go for the atmosphere, the music and the drinks list. I could spend a whole evening just on reading the drinks list. If I drank while I read I imagine I could get myself into quite a state (Not a good look for a responsible mother). Reading in those lovely chesterfields in front of that fire, with a great big glass of red, wow what a great way to while away an evening, (although I am sure I would look very odd and probably be asked to leave as reading is probably not why you go to Aqua e Vino). You go to Aqua e Vino for drinks and socialising. They do have one of the largest drinks menu in Melbourne and it is award winning.
On the particular night that I went, I went with a friend and we were sort of in between destinations and we thought we could grab a quick drink before moving on. It was delicious! I had a mojito (rum, mint lime, sugar and soda). I watched the bar man make it. By the way, I love how the bar men dress themselves here with the braces which creates an atmosphere of old times gone by. Anyway the drink! I watched the barman load the glass with mint (beautiful fresh and unblemished mint), pour the rum and other ingredients in, then shake it and I thought he was going to serve it, but then he did something that I was totally not expecting, he sprayed it. I was totally intrigued and when he delivered my drink I asked about the spray and he said it was Rose Water. AAhh! Because I could smell it by that stage and it smelt just beautiful and it lingered the whole time I was drinking that drink.
Aqua e Vino is an experience I highly recommend and not just for one drink. One of these nights I would like to be able to stay for more, in fact their Sunday Afternoons with gospel singing sounds so enticing. Alas, what would I do with the children? Any Takers?


Anonymous said...

A local, it took me so long to discover their 'back bar' and now i just love the place even more! See you at Acqua e Vino!

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