Monday, August 24, 2009

Le Chien Snippett

The last time I blogged about Le Chien it was quite lengthy. Everything that I wrote still stands, all in all a very positive experience. A couple of things have changed since we were last there and one of them is that Le Chien has opened for dinner. Very exciting I say, expect to see a snippet about that in the near future. The other change is that the prices have risen. Since we started blogging, two cafes have risen in price. Not surprising really when you consider the cost of food these days.
As I had Bircher Muesli a couple of weeks ago at Haus Frau I thought I may as well stick with that choice as long as I could and Le Chien certainly do offer it. However, and there is a big however, it just wasn’t as good as I was hoping it to be. In fact it was just too sultanary (I think I just created a new word). A few sultanas is nice but when there are too many sultanas it just makes the dish too sickly sweet. Also the kind of oats used (pinhead oatmeal- Scottish) was not what I was expecting and not my first preference.
I must say though that after almost completing my first round of cafes in SKY that Le Chien still stands out as one of the fav’s. It was noted by a friend the other night that when he walked into Le Chien and Andy was there he always acknowledged him and said hello. That made him feel good! Andy certainly gets the vote for best cafĂ© owner in SKY!



Anonymous said...

I am addicted to the Welsh Rarebit! Try it and see what you think.

Anonymous said...

Is this restaurant family friendly ie. pram access?

Rachael said...

Families pour into Le Chien and although there isn't a lot of room for prams, they always seem to be able to accomodate. There is outdoor seating too which is easier for prams.

Anonymous said...

hi ladies, loving the blog :)

The new Le Chien dinner menu is superb! They have 'small plates' for $12.50 each, along with specials. Each one is quite delicious and can be eaten alone as a small meal or shared with others. Highly recommended! Can't wait to see you blog about it.

Le Chien is very kid-friendly, on the weekends the prams are neatly lined up outside while the families feast inside. There are outside tables as well for those who prefer it or smoke.

This is the only place in the area that serves welsh rarebit. Yum.