Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snippet 7 - Round 2 at Happy River

Very Exciting News - The New home of the Laneway festival - Footscray
Community Arts Centre with such bands as Echo and the Bunneymen, Mumford
and Sons and Sarah Blasko .

This cafe located within the Footscray community Arts Centre is set in a great
location. It is lovely to sit outside on the lawn whilst the children play. The food is great, I had scrambled eggs with chilli, coriander, avocado and lemon and it was delicious, BUT and this is a very big BUT - the service is appalling. After you put your initial order in and you receive your order, that's it. No more service. They don't suppose that you might like a second cup of tea or that people like me sometimes like to have two courses for breakfast (my poor waist line). It turns me off going even if the food is great. Too many good cafes with good food and
good service!


Usually I am the voice of reason and the good cop to your bad cop but I am in complete agreement with you on this one. I will not willingly go to this cafe anymore despite it's advantages as I am yet to receive good service and I used to go all the time. There are only so many chances you can give a place before it really starts to piss you off. We aren't the only ones either. What a shame that the staffing isn't up to scratch as it has everything else going for it.



Mammamusing said...

That's a shame.

This cafe is one of my favourites in the area.

I went there today and was recommending it to a friend.

Maybe they have read your review? The service was good. We had water with our lunch and then when we'd finished we decided we'd have a glass of wine. Thankfully a waiter was on hand to take our order without us having to chase him down.

Anonymous said...

Sadly I can confirm that good service is the exception rather than the rule at HRC. I could be a killer little place but for this.

After nearly a full summer of visiting 2-3 times a week a friend and I decided to swing by for a coffee after grabbing lunch on the run from elsewhere. We were finishing up said lunch when we sat down and were greeted with a mild scolding from our waitress, but were allowed to 'get away with it, this time' (!!) because we were regulars. (!!!)