Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snippet 1 - Petitiou

Firstly an apology is necessary here. The spelling of the name of this cafe was wrong in my last review! So sorry ladies.
Secondly, this sweet little cafe, located on Somerville Rd is greatly appreciated by those who love a good coffee and now don't have to go to Seddon or Yarraville village. However apart from coffee and tea, there is not a lot on offer. As it is a tiny space the girls don't have a lot of room to work with. I can't wait for them to find an ingenious way of stretching the menu as I am sure they will.
At the moment you are limited to toast, toasted sandwiches and cakes (of the Emma Mackay variety). The playroom for kids is a great idea with a showroom for baby products - creative, but wondering if they will make any money out of it. My business brain says maybe they should decide what sort of business they want, do they want a cafe or a baby products shop and then more room could be devoted to one or the other.
Good luck ladies, with your new business.

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