Friday, April 3, 2009

Gourmet On Gamon

84 Gamon Street
Yarraville 3013

PH - 9396 1916

You would think that reviewing breakfast would be all about the eggs. But it is so much more! This being our second review couldn't be more different than the 1st.

Gourmet On Gamon Gourmet On Gamon
Gourmet On Gamon is not right in the centre of the Yarraville village, but it is lucky enough to be on the street that connects Seddon and Yarraville. This cafe does not get the village shoppers but it does attract loyal locals and lots of mother's groups. The owner has dedicated the back room to the kids and she keeps it stocked with big boxes of toys, with heaps of magazines and papers for the adults. This serves the double purpose of allowing the parents to relax and keeps the front room free for those customers who don't want toddlers underfoot.

Gourmet On Gamon
On arrival I ordered my cup of tea which was pretty standard, however I did see a local lady order her cup of tea and ask for her mug! The front of house guy knew exactly who she was and which was her mug. It's always a plus to know your customers by name and Gourmet On Gamon obviously has a lovely rapport with it's regulars.

My order was taken by a friendly waitress who seemed lovely and relaxed. There is nothing worse than grumpy waiting staff.

I ordered the usual (the one in the picture) and after a reasonable amount of time the food came out. It was like a home cooked brekky!! This is a good thing, because as we all know there is nothing like home cooking, especially if you haven't cooked it yourself. The eggs were runny and the tomato, spinach and mushrooms were all very nicely seasoned. I do like my golden toast with butter even if my waistline doesn't and that was all that was missing.

As I ate it was fairly quiet in the cafe and I thought this would be a great place to read my book or the paper. As already mentioned we know it is a place for local mums and kids but obviously I was there early enough to miss that trade.

The price was perfect! $16.00 Almost $10 cheaper than last week's breakfast. I know money shouldn't dictate your lifestyle but the reality is that it does.

So I guess if I'm looking for a belly full of eggs in the morning on a budget Gourmet On Gamon would be the place to go.

Reviewed by Monica


Atmosphere - 6.5/10
Service- 7.5/10
Food - 7/10
Tea/Coffee - 7/10
Price - 9/10


Ally said...

Hi Ladies
It's nice to stumble across a review of our cafe :-)
Just a few comments on our review and others .........
The lady who was having a cup of tea with her particular cup was Jenny from Chalk(the other owner)
No comment on our tea pots??? They aren't those generic ones that you hate What do you think or Tea strainers??
We offer porridge on both our weekday & weekend menu.We find most people don't like butter on their toast but are happy to add when customers ask,also we have a great homemade relish!!!!
Simon and Chris own Seddon Deadly Sins and no that isn't an undercoat at the Gravy train.
For many reasons we do have a weekend and weekday bfast menu .....
On weekends we offer Homemade hollandaise,omellettes and pancakes with Banana's or Berries??
I'd say our Weekend Bfast menu would be the most extensive in S.K.Y
We look forward to seeing you again for Bfast/Bruncn or Take away
and will be checking in to read further reviews
Enjoy!!! :-)

JK said...

Yay! I got a mention in this post - how funny. Ali has a special mug for me and knows exactly how I like me tea. I also get to have a great chat to the girls when I drop in. If you haven't been before definitely drop in and visit.